Gentile Stewardship? No.

The last two thousand years have not been about Gentile “stewardship” of the promises and covenants of God that He made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This period of time has been about Gentiles having the right attitude towards Jews and Israel as we await the full restoration of those particular people from thousands of years of wavering commitment to their God. Gentiles have been called to be thankful and humble towards the fact that they have been brought into the commonwealth of Israel by God’s grace and through the sacrificial atonement of the Jewish Messiah. No Gentiles, no matter how glorious and full their salvation has been, can take Israel’s place. That is impossible. Nobody can take the place of God’s elect and chosen son Israel. Do you realize the insult and audacity you are displaying by asserting that we are living in a time of Gentile stewardship? Israel always has the stewardship of God’s service and presence, whether they are in faithfulness or apostasy. That is the mystery and reality of their election.

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