The Cost

How costly has Jewish and Gentile pride, arrogance, and rebellion towards God and each other been over the course of history? More than our minds can fully comprehend.

For most Jews it has cost them the recognition of the Messiah at His first coming, followed by two thousand years of painful dispersion and persecution. This prophesied history and its consequences are described in Deuteronomy chapters 4, 28 and 32, and Leviticus chapter 26, as well as many other passages in the Hebrew scriptures.

For Gentiles it has cost them the recognition and expectation of the Messiah at His final coming, so that Gentiles over the last two thousand years have developed an inflated and distorted identity and sense of their own importance in this present age. Gentiles have presumptuously elevated themselves from being a sub narrative in salvation-history into the main narrative. This prophesied history and its consequences are primarily described in Romans chapter 11 and 15 and is buttressed by other comments by the apostle Paul in his letters, as well as statements made by Jesus in the Gospels.

A crucial understanding by which to appreciate this dynamic in Jewish and Gentile history is found in Romans 2:5-11. This passage declares that the Jew receives tribulation and anguish from God first, and receives glory, honor, and peace from God first. Gentiles receive tribulation and glory from God after the Jew. God shows no partiality or favoritism towards Jews in that Jews are first in everything, tribulation and glory. However, God does show choice and election of Jews in how salvation and restoration will flow through them unto all the nations of the world.

The cost of Jewish and Gentile pride will only get higher and steeper as the iniquity and evil in the heart of humanity plays out to its conclusion. Then, on the Day of the Lord, we shall see what it cost the Messiah to suffer for our sins and put us on the right basis to inherit eternal life. Jewish and Gentile pride will suffer a decisive blow on that day, and the kingdom of God will begin on this earth.  

2 thoughts on “The Cost

  1. Just going over a section this morning that said the King could give a portion of His land to the servants, but at Jubilee, it would go back to the sons, because it was their rightful inheritance. So there!


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