The Story of Israel and the Gentiles

Israel has had so many starts and stops and hesitations and renewals and falls in their history. The Messiah’s first coming and the subsequent pouring out on Israel His Spirit on Shavuot was a major restart and reboot of the whole history of Israel, a galvanizing of the restoration of Israel from apostasy. Even though many thousands of Jews were touched and changed by this renewal, the apostle Paul laments that it did not change all of Israel. This is what he examines in Romans 9-11. He concludes that there always have been and always will be Jews who will be saved through the election of grace, a remnant, until every single Jew who comprises the nation on the Day of the Lord is saved. Meanwhile, the Gentiles are huge beneficiaries of the God-imposed blindness upon Jews in this age. But what expectation does God through Paul express to Gentiles in this age while Israel has been visited by Messiah and yet veiled from His full glory? HE WANTS THEM TO KEEP BELIEVING IN THE COVENANTS AND PROMISES MADE TO ISRAEL, AND TO SEEK TO PROVOKE JEWS TO JEALOUSY FOR THEIR OWN COVENANT RELATIONSHIP WITH THE GOD OF ISRAEL. He is not encouraging them to form or establish a congregation or assembly or church or any organization that is separate or out of context with Israel and the Jewish people. He wants Gentiles to become part of the people Israel through faith in the Jewish Messiah Yeshua. He is calling, equipping and instructing Gentiles in how to live in the kahal and ekklesia of Israel, which is the commonwealth of Israel. All the offices and roles that Paul carefully delineates in his letters to fellowships and individuals are not for the purpose of setting up “Church” government. He is simply teaching and explaining to Gentiles, who previously had no understanding of God’s ways of governing over Israel, how under the new covenant God is continuing to govern His people Israel, of which now Gentiles are fully made co-heirs and participants by the promises of salvation.

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